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TrueAV HYPERLINK HDMI 1.4 케이블 1m
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판매가 : 65,000 원
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High speed and ethernet, 3D function 지원

TrueAV HyperLink HDMI Cable 1.4

Introduction the NEW TrueAV HyperLink  HDMI 1.4 CABLE to the HDMI range. The Hyperlink 1.4 HDMI with ethernet cable takes advantage of the new and improved function of the 1.4 specification, including Ethernet Channel which will allow your HD equipment to connect directly to the Internet without addition cables. Another advantage will be the Audio Return Channel. Since HDMI transmits sound through the HDMI cable, this has been simplified by allowing your HDTV to send audio upstream for processing and playback to your AV amplifier. With a 23 AWG, 24 AWG cable to ensure the best and smoothest transmission of the digital data. Future-proof yourself with HDMI 1.4.

HDMI 1.4에는 HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)과 Audio Return Channel (ARC)이 결합된 HDMI Ethernet and Audio Returen Channel (HEAC)을 추가하고 있다.

이러한 추가기능에도 불구하고 오리지널 19핀 커넥터를 그대로 사용한다.
추가된 기능을 위해 14번핀, 19번핀과 17번 DDC/CEC ground 핀을 채널로 사용한다. 이로인해 1.4버젼에서 19핀을 유지하면서도 HEC와 ARC기능을 더할 수 있는 것이다.

TrueAV® HYPERLINK 1.4 High Speed HDMI® with Ethernet 

With the HDMI standard continuing to grow in the marketplace with now over 850 adopters worldwide, growing adoption of the
HDMI specification by both consumer electronics and PC manufacturers further strengthens its position as the worldwide standard
for high-definition digital connectivity. TrueAV is proud to add the NEW TrueAV Hyperlink 1.4 HDMI cable to our product range.
We are one of the first company in the world to introduce the NEW HDMI 1.4 cable to our consumers. The TrueAV 1.4 HDMI cable
is CL3 rated for in wall installation and will future proof your High Definition setup.

The HDMI 1.4 specification will offer the following enhanced functionalities: www.trueav.com

HDMI Ethernet Channel

The HDMI 1.4 specification will add a data channel to the HDMI cable and will enable high-speed bi-directional communication.
Connected devices that include this feature will be able to send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready
for any IP-based application.

The HDMI Ethernet Channel will allow an Internet-enabled HDMI device to share its Internet connection with other HDMI devices
without the need for a separate Ethernet cable. The new feature will also provide the connection platform to allow HDMI-enabled devices
to share content between devices.

Audio Return Channel

The new specification will add an Audio Return Channel that will reduce the number of cables required to deliver audio upstream for processing
and playback. In cases where HDTVs are directly receiving audio and video content, this new Audio Return Channel allows the HDTV to send
the audio stream to the A/V receiver over the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for an extra cable.

3D Over HDMI

The 1.4 version of the specification will define common 3D formats and resolutions for HDMI-enabled devices. The specification will standardize
the input/output portion of the home 3D system and will specify up to dual-stream 1080p resolution.

4K x 2K Resolution Support

The new specification will enable HDMI devices to support high-definition (HD) resolutions four times beyond the resolution of 1080p. Support for
4K x 2K will allow the HDMI interface to transmit content at the same resolution as many digital theaters. Formats supported include:

3840x2160 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz
4096x2160 24Hz
Expanded Support For Colour Spaces
HDMI technology now supports colour spaces designed specifically for digital still cameras. By supporting sYCC601, Adobe RGB and AdobeYCC601,
 HDMI-enabled display devices will be capable of reproducing more accurate life-like colours when connected to a digital still camera.


  • Length: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 12.5m, 15m.
  • Speed: Ultra High-Speed (Cat 2).
  • AWG:    24AWG (5m under), 23AWG (7m over)
  • CL3: Rated for In wall Installation.
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  •  Delivers Up to 4k 2k resolution.
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts.
  • Mylar Backed Foil.
  • HDMI 1.4 - Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D over HDMI , upto 4k x 2k Resolution Supported and Expanded Support For Colour Spaces.

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공통 : HDMI V 1.4 With Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, Deep color, x.v.Color

  • HDMI LLC의 Guidelines에 근거한 인증된 표준 표기입니다.
  • TrueAV Hyperlink HDMI 1.4 시리즈는 HDMI LLC의 공식 1.4 인증서를 획득하였습니다.

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